Left Navigation Menu


This menu is the primary section of Enview Explore™ where you can jump to the page that you would like to work in. We will describe each page in more detail shortly.

drawing This is the left navigation menu collapse button. If you would like to see more of the page and less of the menu, click this button to collapse the left-hand navigation menu.

drawing If you would like the left-hand navigation menu to reappear, use the expand left navigation menu icon with three horizontal lines located in the top-left corner.

drawing If you would like to logout of Enview Explore™, click the Profile icon located at the top-right corner of the site and click Logout. Additionally, the Admin Dashboard can be accessed here if you are the administrator of your company.

The Dashboard page is a top-level overview of the scenes that you’ve recently viewed and a quick display of how many datasets and scenes are in your account.

The What’s New link will open a new browser tab to a page that shows the latest features and updates in Enview Explore.

The Support link will also open a new browser tab to the Enview Support Portal site, where Explore’s documentation is located alongside additional resources.

The Ideas Portal link will open a new browser tab to the Enview Ideas Portal, where users can provide direct feedback about the application and any ideas for improvement. We encourage users to submit ideas for new features, or enhancements to existing features. The Enview Product team will review each submission, and will reach out to the submitter if there is a need for additional clarification on the idea.