Clicking on the Profile icon will give you the option to Logout of Enview Explore™. Additionally, once onboarded, the administrator of your company will have access to the Admin Dashboard.


Admin Dashboard

Click on the Profile icon, and select Admin. You will be taken to the User List, where the user records will be displayed. These contain their Name, Email, date of Last Update, and a checkmark indicating which user accounts are active. The search bar can be used to filter user emails.


Please note: Users cannot be deleted at this time, only made inactive.

Create a New User

To create a new user account, select + Create User to be taken to the New User page.

Fill out the user’s name and email address. Entitlements are currently set on a client level so no input is required. To activate the user, click on the Active toggle and ensure the circle turns dark grey.

Please note: You may choose to make this user the admin of your client. As of right now, there can only be one admin per client. If you select this option and wish to obtain admin privileges at a later date, the new admin must assign you the client admin role.


Once you have filled in the fields, click Save.

You will be taken to the User List, where the new user will be visible.