The Scenes page is where you can find the list of scenes you’ve saved. A scene retains your workspace in the Map page so that layers don’t need to be readded each session. The properties saved in a scene are listed below.

Property Details
layers both enabled and disabled
viewpoint latitude/longitude, elevation, viewing angle
basemap currently active basemap
markups all markups manually added to map
external data both local and web data

Scenes Page

Screenshot of Scenes page


My Scenes: Lists all scenes created in your personal Explore account. You have the permissions to manage these scenes.

Organization Shared: Lists all scenes shared within your organization.

Enview: Lists all demo scenes shared by Enview.

Please note: You cannot edit or delete scenes unless you are the owner, but you may save the map view as your own scene. As the owner of the new scene, you have the permissions to manage it.


The Scene Name column is the name given to your scene, the Creator column lists the user who created the scene, Access states whether your dataset is private or shared within your organization, and Last Update is the date on which the scene was last edited. The Actions column gives you the options to view, update, or delete your scene.

drawing Click the View Scene icon if you would like to visualize your scene on the Map page.

drawing Click the Edit icon to open the Update Your Scene window, where you can edit the Scene Name and change the Access settings.

drawing Click the Delete Scene icon to permanently remove this scene from your list.

This is an image for the Filter scenes search bar

Use the Filter scenes search bar to enter the name of the scenes that you’re looking for and narrow it down to scenes with just that text in the name.

Save Scene

To save a scene, click the Save button on the Map page once your desired layers are loaded.

Select Save Scene As and the window will prompt you to name your scene. Click Submit.

Once your scene has been saved, it will now be visible on the Scenes page. To revisit it, click on the View Scene icon under the Actions column.

A .gif demonstrating how to save a scene

Update Scene

To change the Scene Name and/or Access category, click the Edit icon and the Update Your Scene window will appear. Click Save once the changes are made. Additionally, you can rename your scene via the Save button on the Map page.

update scene window

To edit the layers within a scene, open the scene using the View Scene icon on the Scenes page. Make the necessary updates, and then click Save. The option to Save Scene should be available, which will update the existing scene.

save scene button options